Learning a Bit About Haywards Heath

Located in West Sussex you will find the town of Haywards Heath. Located only a few miles to the south of London, and even closer still to Brighton. Playing many parts in history, including the British Civil war.

It was in this location that Sir Edward Ford, who was the High Sheriff of Sussex, would be intercepted and defeated by the Parliamentarian troops. Back in 1859 the first hospital would be opened up in Haywards Heath; it is now named St Francis Hospital.

While 1859 would see the opening of Bannister’s cattle market, that at one time would be the twelfth largest in England. While it was closed in 1989 for the building of Sainsbury supermarket. While 1894 villas would be opened up as the first commuter settlements.

It is a relatively small location, but still ranks as one of the bigger locations in West Sussex. During the 90s there was a new houses to be built. Adding 780 new houses on what was a Greenfield site. Still more advances are being planned to move this location even further into the future.

They included shared parking, and a station ticket office for the railway. Plus another 685 more homes to be added into Bolnore Village. There are many wonderful locations to be seen in Haywards Heath.

The list include the following locations, Victoria Park, Clair Hall, Borde Hill Gardens, and Haywards Heath library. While still more gardens and leisure centers are located for places to see and do things while visiting here.

Not without its share of notable people who’ve lived in the location before. They include Robert Kazinsky, Matthew Waterhouse, and Greta Scacchi. That is only a limited few who have connections with the location of Haywards Heath.

Though it’s not one of the older locations in England there is still a bunch to do, walking is a very popular activity to in this location.