Achieving Health Benefits From Cellular Nutrition

Cellular Nutrition is a combination of health building nutritional herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that helps cleanse and detoxify the body. This helps the cells in the body become fully nourished. We can supply the body with supplements and food but if we do not repair the cells in our bodies that have been exposed to toxins and impurities, we are unable to absorb the nutrients that our body needs which will create malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies.When we think of health and nutrition very few people think of the cellular level, the cell is our source for energy, when our cells stop working properly we lose energy and keeps us from functioning at a higher level and sometimes not function at all.The importance of Cellular Nutrition is that it provides balanced nutritional ingredients to properly nourish the cells for optimal metabolism and growth repair. This will insure that the nutrients your body needs daily are absorbed and delivered throughout your body at a cellular level.There are many ways to benefit from Cellular Nutrition but my favorite is how it helps the digestive system.Cellular Nutrition can help and support the Villi that are located in the small intestine. They are microscopic finger like projections that line the inner wall of the small intestine. When food passes from the small intestine, nutrients are absorbed through the Villi. There are millions of Villi in the lower intestine. Cellular Nutrition will supply balanced nutrition to support the Villi at a cellular level which rebuilds and regenerates the Villi. If the Villi are impaired, they can shrink or flatten which will result in malabsorption, the nutrients will not effectively be absorbed by the Villi and not available to the rest of the body.Once the Villi begin to eliminate the toxins and absorb nutrients the body will begin to be energized and you will begin to feel and look better.What causes our cells to become unhealthy?Our bodies are continually being introduced to toxic substances, the body can fight off the impurities to a certain extent; However if the toxins that the body is exposed to exceeds its capacity to eliminate the toxins the cells will become encumbered and is susceptible to disease. It is important to provide the cells with sufficient balanced Cellular Nutrition so it can expel the free radicals from the impurities.Below is a list of some toxins and harmful substances that can enter the body:• Impurities in our water and air.
• Artificial color and preservatives in our food.
• Insecticide that has been sprayed on our foods.
• Genetically modified foods.
• Smoking tobacco.
• Excess sugar intake.
• Excess alcohol consumption.There is also one more very important reason for poor nutrition and that is our conventional methods of agriculture ignore the quality of the soil that our plants grow in. The nutrients depend on the quality of the soil in which food grows. Plants that we eat receive essential nutrients from microorganisms in the soil. The plant processes minerals from the soil through the plant. Most conventional farmers use artificial fertilizers which destroys the microorganisms. The more organic matter in the soil the more nutritious our food is.So, to feel healthy, you have to be healthy and to be healthy you need to have healthy cells. By supplying your cells with proper balance of Cellular Nutrition, your cells become more receptive allowing them to efficiently absorb and process nutrients.By Hollaye Vladimiroff